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Where should I start?

My goal with this show is to make each episode approachable for a first time listener, but certain episodes are better starting points than other, also some people are more interested in myth and some are more interested in straight history, so I am dividing up the podcast archive into sections for your convenience.

If I get lazy and stop updating this page, it should all be available at the show home on

Update: Turns out I get lazy more often than not, but I will update in batches when I get around to it.

History of Sumer and Akkad

OS2.5 – Before the Beginning

OS15 – Kings and Wars in Lagash

OS16 – Reform and Corruption in Lagash

OS17 – Sargon Rising

OS18 – Sargon at peace

OS19 – Sargon at war

OS20 – Sargon, the Next Generation

OS21 – Surpassing Sargon with Naram-Sin

OS22 – Slanderous Legends of Naram-Sin

OS23 – The Fall of Akkad

OS10 – King Shulgi’s Mailbag

OS24 – The Rebirth of Sumer

OS25 – The Last Sumerian Ibbi-Sin

Old Babylonian History

OS32 – Lay of the Land

OS33 – A Time of Ritual and Law

OS34 – Age of Chaos

OS35 – Middle Bronze Age Warfare

OS36 – The Founding of Babylon

OS37 – Petty Kings

OS38 – Rim-Sin the Pretty Good

OS39 – The Merchants and Families of Assyria

OS40 – Barbarian Kingdoms and Biblical Patriarchs

OS41 – Shamshi-Adad and the Upper Mesopotamian Empire

OS42 – Hammurabi’s Kingdom and Character

OS43 – Hammurabi’s Siegecraft and Diplomacy

OS44 – Hammurabi’s Military and Elamite War

OS45 – Hammurabi’s Medicine and Justice

OS46 – Hammurabi’s Northern Conquests and Agricultural Power

OS47 – Hammurabi’s Rebels and Oracles

OS48 – Hammurabi’s Women and Slaves

OS49 – Hammurabi’s Death and Legacy

OS51 – The New Order

OS54 – Soldier of Babylon, Ubarum

OS55 – Days of Quiet Prosperity

OS56 – Obscure Struggles in Assyria

Late Bronze Age History

OS57 – Ancient Anatolia

OS58 – Rise of the Hittites

OS59 – The Conquering Lion, Hattusili I

OS61 – The Conqueror’s Triumph and Death

OS62 – The Man Who Changed The World, Mursili I

OS63 – Village People

OS64 – Village Economics

OS65 – Disorder in the Court

OS66 – Entering the Arena

OS67 – Late Bronze Age Warfare

2 thoughts on “Topical Archive”

  1. Hey, I’ve been listening to your podcasts and I’m up to episode 33. Really enjoying it but I much prefer the myth episodes than history. Although in some cases the history is more interesting than myth, I find the listing off names of places and listing what people they were conquered by and what kind of crops they grow and names of kings and which wall they built…to not be very interesting. All of Sargon and the fall of Sumer and Akkad were just as interesting as the myths to me though. Are you planning to add more to the episode archive here to find myths easier? Or is it much more of a history podcast now?


    1. I do need to update a lot on the website. There are more myth episodes, a good variety of stuff, and though history is the focus because that is the frame for everything, there definitely are some parts that are more and less dry.


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