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Where should I start?

My goal with this show is to make each episode approachable for a first time listener, but certain episodes are better starting points than other, also some people are more interested in myth and some are more interested in straight history, so I am dividing up the podcast archive into sections for your convenience.

If I get lazy and stop updating this page, it should all be available at the show home on

Update: Turns out I get lazy more often than not, but I will update in batches when I get around to it.

History of Sumer and Akkad

OS2.5 – Before the Beginning

OS15 – Kings and Wars in Lagash

OS16 – Reform and Corruption in Lagash

OS17 – Sargon Rising

OS18 – Sargon at peace

OS19 – Sargon at war

OS20 – Sargon, the Next Generation

OS21 – Surpassing Sargon with Naram-Sin

OS22 – Slanderous Legends of Naram-Sin

OS23 – The Fall of Akkad

OS10 – King Shulgi’s Mailbag

OS24 – The Rebirth of Sumer

OS25 – The Last Sumerian Ibbi-Sin

Old Babylonian History

OS32 – Lay of the Land

OS33 – A Time of Ritual and Law

OS34 – Age of Chaos

OS35 – Middle Bronze Age Warfare

OS36 – The Founding of Babylon

OS37 – Petty Kings

OS38 – Rim-Sin the Pretty Good

OS39 – The Merchants and Families of Assyria

OS40 – Barbarian Kingdoms and Biblical Patriarchs

OS41 – Shamshi-Adad and the Upper Mesopotamian Empire

OS42 – Hammurabi’s Kingdom and Character

OS43 – Hammurabi’s Siegecraft and Diplomacy

OS44 – Hammurabi’s Military and Elamite War

OS45 – Hammurabi’s Medicine and Justice

OS46 – Hammurabi’s Northern Conquests and Agricultural Power

OS47 – Hammurabi’s Rebels and Oracles

OS48 – Hammurabi’s Women and Slaves

OS49 – Hammurabi’s Death and Legacy

OS51 – The New Order

OS54 – Soldier of Babylon, Ubarum

OS55 – Days of Quiet Prosperity

OS56 – Obscure Struggles in Assyria

Late Bronze Age History

OS57 – Ancient Anatolia

OS58 – Rise of the Hittites

OS59 – The Conquering Lion, Hattusili I

OS61 – The Conqueror’s Triumph and Death

OS62 – The Man Who Changed The World, Mursili I

OS63 – Village People

OS64 – Village Economics

OS65 – Disorder in the Court

OS66 – Entering the Arena

OS67 – Late Bronze Age Warfare

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