Episode 59 – Hittite 3 The Conquering Lion, Hattusili I

The first king of the Hittites, Hattusili I, thought of himself as a conquering lion. Given his military record, this isn’t a completely inappropriate boast. His accomplishments in establishing the Old Hittite Kingdom are far beyond the merely military, but this episode we are going to focus primarily on the parts of his career he was most proud of, his early conquests. Starting from nothing, he builds up a kingdom to rival his grandfather Labarna and his great ancestor Anitta, then goes beyond what they had ever hoped to achieve. Then has his entire kingdom fall apart, rebuilds it from nothing, and goes even farther. He will deal with the Curse of Hattusa in characteristic manner, and show us how Hittite kings throughout history will handle diplomacy and warfare. A busy episode, and we aren’t even half done with Great King Hattusili I.

Some more maps of Anatolia for reference, click to expand.

I am following Gary Beckman’s translation of the Siege of Urshu Text (1995) for that quote about the siege of Urshu.

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