Episode 27 – Misc 1 The Study of Sumer and Ancient Aliens

There were some very important and talented people who have dug up the once lost civilization of Sumer and given their stories new life. Then there are the ancient aliens people. We will pay our respects to the giants of Sumerology, and examine exactly where the ancient aliens theorists go off the rails while enjoying the silliness of their earnestly held beliefs.

My re-telling of the ancient aliens story doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but honestly, that is representative of the fact that the ancient aliens story really doesn’t make any sense on any level. His motivating question, why did humanity create civilization in some places but not others, is a very good question to ask, but to answer it with aliens is nothing short of farcical.

So today I mentioned Samuel Noah Kramer’s book, Benjamin Foster’s Age of Agade, The Etcsl, and a fellow who calls himself Sumerian Shakespeare

Also, History of Persia podcast is still excellent and still deserves a shout out. Check out https://historyofpersiapodcast.com/

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