Show Notes by Episode

Episode 90 – Kassite 5 Tukulti-Ninurta’s Victories

In Babylon, King Kashtiliash IV has a problem. His kingdom is in decline. And so he takes bold actions to shake up the Mesopotamian order, but ends up shaking far harder than he could have ever imagined. Meanwhile, Tukulti-Ninurta takes power in Assyria and spends his early years asserting dominance against the Hittites and Babylonians, … Continue reading Episode 90 – Kassite 5 Tukulti-Ninurta’s Victories

Episode 89 – Kassite 4 The Peaceful Decline of Kassite Babylon

Today we watch the decline of Kassite Babylon, from which distressingly little survives. We look at the prosperity they have achieved, and the ultimate hollowness of its economic foundations, before the long standing rivalry between Assur and Babylon re-ignites with disastrous consequences for the ancient city of Marduk.


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