Episode 38 – Amorite 7 Rim Sin the Pretty Good

Today we see the near collapse of Larsa, and its sudden and unexpected rescue by an Amorite from Elam. After the failure of Nur-Adad’s line, Kudur-Mabuk sweeps in from the desert to revitalize the city, and gives birth to the first great conquerer in 250 years, Rim-Sin, who despite his ultimate failure still deserves the title of Rim-Sin the Pretty Good.

Pretty much every date with Rim-Sin appears to be plus or minus one year. It is almost as if there are two year name lists floating around that have everything the same but one of the first few years is missing or added on. It doesn’t make that much difference, the order of everything that matters is still the same, but it is a bit odd and if anyone is looking it up on their own it is just a discrepancy to be aware of.

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