What is this?

These are the Oldest Stories.

In this podcast, you can hear the oldest stories still known, tales that have passed the test of time with flying colors, though usually because they were written down then buried for millennia. This show is focused on the history and myth of the Cradle of Civilization, ancient Mesopotamia, beginning with the dawn of writing. My first episodes feature characters and stories that are literally five thousand years old. Never fear though, for your humble podcast host has taken these literally dusty old stories and breathed new life into them, or at least as much as I am able.

So join me as I re-tell millennia old tales, making this possibly the most derivative podcast you have ever listened to.

The show began with the epic of Gilgamesh and topics in Sumerian myth. It then moved through the history of Sumer and the Akkadian empire, looked at the arrival of the Ammorites and the rise of Hammurabi’s Old Babylonian dynasty. We have most recently looked at the rise of the Hittite Empire, and are into the grand drama of the late bronze age.

You can go over to the Where to Listen page to find various spots to listen to the show, or just search in your favorite podcast app, I should be in most of them. Also on youtube now, too, though it is just a static picture, I haven’t got the patience to do any animations or even to change the pic for each episode.

You can always leave a comment anywhere on this site, or shoot me an email if you have questions or just want to chat about the show.

Also, I hang out at a mythology discussion discord, if anyone wants to come say hi or discuss myth in general: discord.gg/q8XPnpg

Who am I?

I am not an academic historian, I am an enthusiast who is enjoying the process of researching and telling stories. Like so many history podcasters nowadays, I was inspired by Mike Duncan’s History of Rome, and I am putting this show together with pretty much nothing but a microphone and an internet connection. Honestly, I have learned a lot from my earliest days recording, but there is still a lot to go, and I am excited to keep going forward up to the end of Mesopotamian history. I don’t have the highest production values on this show, but honestly all the cosmetic and social media parts of podcasting bore me terribly, and my first priority will always be getting a new episode out each week, not keeping this site or the facebook updated.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you so very much for your wonderful work! You gave me some of my most enjoyable moments in these never ending months of qurantine! And, honestly, I just love your voice! (don't wanna sound creepy, but it's true…)


  2. I love your podcast and have listened to every episode. One thing I was wondering is, who are you exactly? I.e. a professor, student, or just a learned non-academic? Just curious! Also thanks for pointing us to History of English Language podcast (I think that was you), also have listened to that in its entirety. Keep it coming!


  3. Thanks for all these insights and anecdotes. I enjoy every moment of listening – the only thing stopping me from listening through and through is, that I always need to stop and write down yet another great inspiration. Wish you all the best


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