Episode 14 – Anunnaki 5 Ea, Tales from Creation

The god of wisdom and crafting is the chillest of the gods, that is when he is not turning his family tree into a family telephone poll. The most generous and the most distressingly criminal of the gods, Ea has some of the most unique stories.

It is really hard to make a story about the god of semen family friendly, but he is one of the top 3 gods in the pantheon and shows up all the time, and it would honestly be misleading to just tell the myths of him being gentle without also telling about the time he raped six generations of his own daughters in a swamp. Because he is a very good person, as far as gods go, it is just that women have a certain place in bronze age society, and it is easy to forget that this place is very, very, very low.

I seriously can’t express how hilarious and fascinating I find the Sumerian meaning of life to be. They literally believed that they were basically clay robots who existed solely to provide luxuries so that the gods could leisure, and anything else they did in life was just a pleasant bonus. And as far as I can see, they never rebel against this idea, they just sort of accept it and get on with the business of being clay robots. I love it. How many stories has our own culture written about a robot labor force and we are certain that the robots must eventually rebel against their creators, but here go the Sumerians, quite happy with the situation for the whole duration of their civilization. It really makes you question just how deep and universal the so called instinctive yearning for freedom is and just how narrowly cultural it actually is.

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