Episode 62 – Hittite 6 The Man Who Changed The World, Mursili I

 Mursili I destroyed two empires, plundering Aleppo and Babylon, and ruled for thirty of the best years in Hittite history. His conquests would pave the way for the great battles of the late bronze age. And yet he is almost completely obscure, despite being the singular catalyst for everything that was to come. Today I want to focus in on a man who has failed to receive the immortality he deserved, and to look at the military machine that helped him achieve these things.

There are sadly no pictures of the sack of Babylon or Mursili I

But this is how Mursili I looked in the video game Civilization III.

One thought on “Episode 62 – Hittite 6 The Man Who Changed The World, Mursili I”

  1. I was waiting for the next entry to comment, but isn't yet here so I will type here on this entry.The information about the Hatti using materials like wood as a medium to write, this is news to me and a surprise. Why I never hear anyone mentioning this before?I'm very satisfied with the quality of your podcast, is very information in ways that others are not, these episodes talking about the everyday and culture are very informative, so maybe that's why? It's just something that others don't have the compromise to mention? Or was this detail, about the writing mediums, something that was discovered just recently?


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