Episode 74 – Kassite 1 A New Dawn for Babylon

Babylon is reborn! Following the decline and sack of Babylon, the entire region was devastated for decades. However, even in these ashes lay the seeds of a new growth, the Kassite Dynasty, which will emerge to rebuild not just Babylon but the whole region. This is a relatively poorly documented century, but a significant one, meaning that our story is going to be jumping around quite a bit, but this will give us a good view of many different parts of the rising dynasty.

Both Ulam-Buriash and Burna-Buriash sometimes have their names written as Ulam-Burburiash and Burna-Burburiash. I honestly couldn’t tell you which is more correct, and probably no one knows enough Kassite to be sure, so I am just going with the one that is easier to say, for both these guys and their namesakes in future episodes.

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