Industry 3 Liquid Bread

Our tale of daily life continues. The harvest is over, but the work continues, as there are many steps required to transform boring, nutritious grain into delicious, nutritious beer.

Note that the Ninkasi translation comes from etcsl and the drinking song comes from Benjamin Foster’s Before the Muses, a fantastic collection of ancient writings translated into usually quite readable English.

To clear up a confusion, I did say there were no eggs. Obviously, there were animals that had eggs, but largely it seems that eggs were not used in cooking or baking. Did anyone ever take an egg and cook it? Probably, but we don’t hear much about that and it doesn’t seem to have been terribly common.

This shows the straws and jar thing going on
Beer and sex at the same time was a pretty popular motif, though I did leave that out of the podcast for family friendly reasons.

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