Any TikTokkers out there?

Oldest Stories is now on tiktok! Not the whole show, but I am making little 1-2 minute bits with readings and facts that I couldn’t find a place to fit in anywhere else. If you are already on tiktok, give me a like and a follow or whatever you do on the tiktok. If you aren’t on tiktok, you really aren’t missing much more than seeing my face, but there is a reason I do podcasting and not youtube as a primary show.

Anyway, link is here:

And if anyone is a tiktok expert, or just has opinions, the channel is new and I don’t have any experience with tiktok. Any feedback would be welcome, either in the comments or send me a message.

Who knows how much I will be keeping up with social media. Facebook and this website aren’t really my strength, but I am glad to have so many listeners now who don’t seem to be put off by the fact that the website which I mention every episode languishes like an abandoned archeological dig. Thanks so much to everyone who is listening, and I promise there is some good stuff coming up, and we will be starting the iron age, Season 2 of the podcast, probably around summer time.

One thought on “Any TikTokkers out there?”

  1. I just recently found your Oldest Stories while searching on youtube for ancient info. It has been a real adventure, listening to your stories! I really appreciate the effort you have put into the info that you present. I’ve never heard anything quite like it… 🙂


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