So, sort of inspired by Trevor Culley, I am putting together a little series on the Canaanites, their history and their stories, at least up to the bronze age. It is going to be pretty good, and also going to be a bit slow. Honesty, I am going to keep the fortnightly posting schedule going for the foreseeable future. Once Season 2 starts, things might go back to the weekly schedules, but at least for now, what I had expected to be a hiatus will just be a slow posting period with miscellaneous episodes like these.

Anyway, just because it is a bonus series doesn’t mean that the Canaanites aren’t interesting. I have enjoyed putting this first episode together, and from some of the reading I have been doing, I think it will go pretty well. Anyway, make sure you are joining us for this, and some day we will get back on track with the normal schedule.

4 thoughts on “Canaanites!”

  1. Episode 2 still not up in the site so I’ll comment here.
    Would be better if you had not mention that “recent archaeological discovery”. It’s bullcrap, not worth the “wait and see”. But something that you should not neglect mentioning is the Occupied Territories of Palestine, especially when talking about the late bronze age and telling stories about “foreign aggression”.


    1. I actually put this episode together a while ago. Since then, it looks like it hasn’t really panned out, but it is an opportunity to point people at what modern archeological news looks like.

      As to the Palestine question, I am saving all the Israel/Palestine stuff for a series where I look at the formation of the early Hebrews. It is so emotional for so many people that I don’t want it scattered around in half-assed references, instead I want it all in one solidly researched place.

      I appreciate your feedback. Have a great day.


  2. Okay, just finished episode 3, and made disappointed noises when you revealed the end of the episode. I have to admit being overly interested in Canaanite history and myth, and this is doing a great job of giving an unbiased rundown.

    I find myself waiting to see that update for Oldest Stories somewhat impatiently. I started listening for that original premise of oldest myths, and you’ve made a subject I would have found boring in school almost addictive. Thank you for reading.


    1. I am glad you are liking it. There will be a conclusion to Ugarit’s history soon, followed by some of the best stories that have been recovered from the city, including the epic Baal Cycle.


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