Elamites with Trevor Culley

Hey oldest stories listeners. The next few weeks we have a real treat. Trevor Culley, host of the fantastic History of Persia podcast, is doing a few guest episodes to tell us all about the Elamites of southern Iran, the eastern neighbors of the ancient Sumerians. He has put together some excellent shows in an area that is fantastically difficult to research coherently, and turned it into some top notch episodes. I am enjoying them and I think you will too.

If you like Trevor’s style, make sure to check out his History of Persia podcast. It is one of the only ones I keep up with regularly.

Oldest Stories will be putting up bonus episodes from time to time aside from this, but I still can’t give a date when the hiatus will end yet, so make sure you are subscribed to both Oldest Stories and the History of Persia podcast on your favorite podcast player to keep up to date with both shows. In the meantime, remember that you can send in questions for the special Q&A show right here to get your questions answered on air.

Also, please note that these episodes will be going up every second week. There will be no more weekly episodes while on hiatus. I may miss even that every 2 week deadline, but rest assured that I am getting everything in order to bring the show back when I can.

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