Ask your question about the ancient world!

As mentioned on the show, episode 96, The Fall of the Hittite Empire, will be the last of Season 1 of the Oldest Stories podcast. The show will be returning in a number of months. Make sure you are subscribed to the youtube channel, your favorite podcast app, or our facebook group to be notified. You can check those options out here.

But when we do return, it will be in great style with a special Question and Answer episode, where I will take any question you, the honored and loyal listeners, care to ask and go hunting for answers which I will read out live on the air just for your entertainment and edification.

How can you get your question read and answered on the air? You can send it in through facebook, or you can send it to my personal email, Or, you can fill out this contact form and it will go in the list. You don’t have to give an email or name if you want to be anonymous.

Also, if you just want to say hi, or talk about anything aside from posting a question to get answered on the show, these contact methods will all work for that.

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