Episode 96 – Hittite 22 Fall of the Hittite Empire

In 1200 BCE, the Hittite Empire fell, its capitol of Hattusa was abandoned and its final king, Suppiluliuma II, was probably dead. The circumstances leading up to that fall, and the reign of Tudhaliya IV, the final significant Hittite king, are as much a roller coaster of ups, downs, and gaps in the historical record as the whole of Hittite history has been, but the empire had to end at some point, and it chose to end here. Note that this is the final episode of season 1 of the podcast, check the show website oldeststories.net to find out where you can submit your questions for the special question and answer episode and to learn when special episodes are released. And make sure you are subscribed to this feed right here. I appreciate all the interest that you listeners have had up until now, and I promise I will be returning to the show when my life settles down.

2 thoughts on “Episode 96 – Hittite 22 Fall of the Hittite Empire”

  1. I really like the Hittites but they where so disappointing…
    With others you could say that they fell for unfortunate external circumstances. Yes, they made mistakes that weakened them internally, but with the Hittites it’s like half the time they where trying to destroy themselves, always infighting. So much potential wasted!


  2. Why are you not adding the more recent episodes here as entries to comment?
    I’m glad that you’ll continue doing this podcast, not because of the topic, but because it’s you doing it. I really like your style, the way you’re talk, explain and discuss things.

    Anyway, about the last episode, “Summer in Genesis”.
    I know that it’s dangerous to let the imagination run free like this but it’s pretty fun! It’s so easy to make up a bunch of theories and suppositions, for example, the difference because the “so called god” and the higher gods of summer. Does not surprise that for the people living in the summerian cities the gods created humanity as workers, to work for them, to do the things for them, do build the world. Because this was their daily experience. As opposed to the nomads that wanted the land picking food here and there that they would found wandering around, the settled people had to build everything. The society they lived in was something that they themselves created and they had to work very hard everyday to build and maintain. Mustn’t be that difficult to feel like that was their purpose in life, and if humanity was created by gods them it was for this purposed that they where created.


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