Episode 95 – Hittite 21 Hattusili Secures His Legacy

Western Anatolia is the biggest player in the fall of the Hittite Empire, and those movements begin now, with the later years of Hattusili III. Additionally, the chronic instability that used to afflict the Hittite monarchy on a regular basis returns with a vengeance, as memories of Hattusili’s violent rise to the throne resurface as the Great King gets closer and closer to facing his own mortality. Though Tudhaliya IV will end up taking the throne more or less peacefully, he won’t be sitting on it very comfortably as he deals with the legacies of defeat and rebellion left to him by his father.

I found two nice pics of what Hattusili’s palace complex may have looked like from the wonderful but sadly defunct website Hittites.info

A bird’s eye view
A computer model of what the inside of the throne room looked like, obviously without furniture, decorations, or people.

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