Episode 84 – Hittite 16 Mursili’s Plague

While he can easily be overshadowed by the military accomplishments of his father Suppiluliuma and his son Muwatalli II, Mursili II is one of the most significant kings in Hittite History, and one of the most well documented. Unlike most kings, for whom we have pretty much just state records, we have personal details of Mursili’s life and reign, telling us things like how he felt when he took the throne, and how much he loved his wife. Today we look at Mursili II’s accomplishments and writings, all of which take place in the backdrop of one of the most significant plagues of the late bronze age.

So, I said I would post the full plague prayers here, because they are worth reading, but I haven’t actually been able to find a free source that I can post here. I was working from a book called Hittite Prayers by Itamar Singer, published by the Society of Biblical Literature. If you have access to some university library, you can look at them there, or there are other ways for poor folks to access books on the internet, but not ways I can formally condone or link to. Apologies for that if you came looking for this in particular.

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