Episode 70 – Mitanni 5 Mighty Monsters of Mitanni

Finishing up the Kumarbi Cycle with the biggest of monsters, the Song of Hedammu and the Song of Ullikummi are the two tales that see some actual character development, as Ea, god of wisdom, slowly moves out of Kumarbi’s camp and is finally convinced to begin supporting Tessub as rightful king of heaven. A massive sea monster and a huge stone are our opponents today, and even the gods will have trouble defeating them in direct battles.

I have re-arranged the ordering of the Hedammu myth from the conventional one, placing fragment 9 at the very start. I think it is possible to put a tale together where fragment 9 is in the place where Harry Hoffner, who compiled and translated the edition of Hittite Myths that I use in these episodes, has put it. But I think the simpler story is if Kumarbi only goes to the Sea God’s house once. It isn’t crazy to order it as it is, but with what we have, I think there isn’t enough in section 9 to tell the story with it as an independant section.

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