Episode 69 – Mitanni 4 Kumarbi Strikes Back

The Song of Lamma and the song of Silver, two further adventures in the Kumarbi cycle. Tessub may be the Hurrian king in heaven, but Kumarbi still wants to pull him down, and hatches scheme after scheme to defeat his usurper. Lamma is an obscure god, possibly a Lamassu, possibly the god Karhuhi, but he will be turned to Kumarbi’s side and sent to battle Tessub. Silver is a demi-god, a champion of mortal mother and divine father, who will even overcome his father on his way to the throne.

Both these tales are extremely fragmentary, and I have done some extensive filling in the gaps in certain places. If you are hoping to use these tales for academic purposes, I would urge you to check out the book “Hittite Myths” by Harry Hoffner for the standard translations which do not go beyond the fragments we currently posess. Also because it is an excellent book in general, though one that I will have mined pretty heavily by the time this series is over.

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